Hacked By VirtualGhostsTeam

Reason to why your website has been hacked!
~#~ mainly it's because you're on the wrong path and gullible to believe the deceivers of Islam. Also, your website is low in security so I will strike against all now make your choice your very fate ~#~
My message to the righteous people
Please find the time to understand how the Quran will benefit you all and save you from the darkness. You will find yourself being free and happy if you do obey, read and experience for yourself. One website I'll link you to learn about
Free your mind and stop following the government! The media is corrupted and preying on those who are not careful! Take your pick to turn back your life around and end the lies. We as Muslims are people! Not terrorists! This is the first stage of life.. await the next life where judgement will spare us for our sins or we will die
My message to Gouvernement(AR . US . UK .AFRIQUE)
Stop colonize minds and fightin islam in media and atacked freemuslims and stop support fighterislam
i know all yours plans : make idiots people in muslimscountry and make wars when any people opened there minds in them country and this life just test we will meet in lastedlife in quiama

We are : M4gma ~ Thex@b1 ~ Em!r ~ SAHARA HAxOR