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  1. Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

    I congratulate you on the feast of the Dormition of the Holy Mother of God! My name is Dimitry Doohovskoy and I recently graduated from Harvard University in June with at degree in Russian Language, Culture and History. Before graduating, I received a grant, which has given me the opportunity to carry forth a project tied to my studies and interests.

    As an Orthodox believer and active organizer of Youth Activities for the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia, I decided to commit my project to the improvement of relations between the Orthodox youth of America and other Orthodox countries. The project will be carried out in the following manner: I will meet with Orthodox Youth organizations in different cities, in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and other countries. At these meetings, I will learn more about their experience as Orthodox young people in their contemporary society, I will share with them the experiences of American Orthodox Youth, and I will try to establish foundations for better future interaction. I sincerely hope that this project will be beneficial, and that Orthodox youth will come together both for the sake of our Church, but also for the cultural and spiritual relations between our countries.

    As a representative of an Orthodox Journal, I write to you with this information about my project. I write not to publicize myself, but only to help my project be successful! I want as many youth as possible to participate in the project.

    I thank you ahead of time for your interest and help. If you know anyone, who you think would be interested in my project, I would be most grateful if you would pass along this information. I am particularly interested in connecting with any Orthodox Journals or Youth Organizations in Czech Republic, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania. And of course, if you would like to know more about my project, you can look at my website, http://www.dimitrydoohovskoy.wordpress.com, and you can also connect with me by email at ddskoy@gmail.com.

    Yours in Christ,

    Dimitry Doohovskoy

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  8. Cred ca daca s-ar face un clasament, site-ul asta ar trebui sa fie in primele 10 din orasul nostru. Tine-o tot asa!

  9. Hai sa nu ne mai vorbim de rau intre noi, romani intre romani si romani cu romani. As vrea ca romanii sa fie mai toleranti intre ei si sa se sprijine mai mult.

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